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Great Race: second stage is approaching! Registration for the new stage has already begun

Great Race, the annual contest for demo accounts with a total prize pool of $55,000, is in full swing. The second stage starts on May 15.

Registration for the new stage has already begun. If you want to join, just click this link.

The Great Race contest from InstaForex unfolds almost throughout the entire year. It consists of 4 stages. At each stage, participants open a new demo account. After that, the initial deposit of $100,000 is credited to their accounts.

Trading conditions for all contestants are the same: leverage of 1:500 and the trade size starting from 0.01 to 10 lots. You can also use any strategies and Expert Advisors.

At the end of each stage, traders who have shown the best results receive solid cash prizes as well as bonuses that can be used at the final stage of the competition.

We will announce names of the winners of the second stage in June. May luck be on your side!


Trading schedule in MAY 2023 Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours

As a rule, the choice of certain trading instruments is rather limited at the start of May as people in many countries celebrate International Workers´ Day on May 1. For instance, stock exchanges in the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland will be closed.

However, Forex will operate normally, including the countries listed above.

Apart from International Workers´ Day, there are plenty of other public holidays in May which will impact stock trading in many countries. For example, equity markets in Japan will be closed for a long weekend from May 3-7 on the occasion of three national holidays in a row Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and World Children's Day. The UK will celebrate Bank Holidays on May 8 and 29. The LSE and other stock exchanges will be closed. In the US, Memorial Day will take place on May 29. None of the stock exchanges and banks will operate in the country. The Toronto Stock Exchange has a holiday on Victoria Day, scheduled for May 22.

Despite the abundance of May holidays, please note that the foreign exchange market will work normally and will be closed only on regular weekends.

May 5, 2023

International Workers´ Day in the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland

#LSE closed for the whole day

#DAX closed for the whole day

#CAC closed for the whole day

#SIX closed for the whole day

#TSE closed for the whole day

May 35, 2023

Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and World Children's Day in Japan

#TSE closed for the whole day

May 22, 2023

Victoria Day in Canada

#TSX closed the whole day

May 29, 2023

Memorial Day in the US, Bank Holidays in the UK

#LSE closed for the whole day

#NYSE closed for the whole day

#NASDAQ closed for the whole day

Trading schedule in APRIL 2023 Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours

Were it not for Good Friday and Catholic Easter, April would be a typical month in terms of ratio of working and non-working days on financial markets. On April 7th, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, and Canada will have a public holiday in observance of Good Friday. On April 10th, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, France, and Switzerland will have a day off in observance of Catholic Easter. As for Forex trading, the euro, British pound, Swiss francs, as well as Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars will be available for trading on April 7th and 10th. Additionally, there will be five weekends in April 2023.


Good Friday. A day off in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, and Canada.

#ASX - closed all day.

#LSE - closed all day.

#AQX - closed all day.

#FWB - closed all day.

#SEHK - closed all day.

#NEO - closed all day.

#TSX - closed all day.

#NZX - closed all day.

#NYSE - closed all day.

#SIX - closed all day.


Catholic Easter. A day off in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, France, and Switzerland.

#ASX - closed all day.

#LSE - closed all day.

#AQX - closed all day.

#FWB - closed all day.

#SEHK - closed all day.

#NZX - closed all day.

#SIX - closed all day.

Attention: scammers! Important warning from InstaForex

There are numerous types of online scams including phishing, website cloning, and others. They all aim to gain access to your personal data and e-wallets. Now scammers even create fake trading platforms in an attempt to deceive InstaForex users.

What does a scam look like?

It may contain our company's logo, including an icon in the browser search bar.The design of fake websites resembles that of InstaForex.An email address is somewhat similar to the original one. It is often a nearly identical, slightly altered domain name.On a phishing website, some of the links do not work. By clicking some of them, you can get infected with malware that could steal your user data.Malicious links can be embedded in phishing emails or text messages on social media.

InstaForex urges you to be vigilant and use only the official website! Notably, you may be redirected to the company's regional subdomain depending on your location. In this case, there is no need to worry. This way you get information that is relevant in your region.

How to avoid scammers and their tricks?

Add the official website of InstaForex to your browser bookmarks.Subscribe to our news and mailing lists.Pay attention to the official accounts of InstaForex on social media.If you encounter an ambiguous situation, contact our support team.

We will be happy to assist you!

Trade safely with InstaForex

InstaForex congratulates you on the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan! We wish you a peaceful and blessed Ramadan filled

Dear Muslim clients,

We sincerely congratulate you on the start of the holy month of Ramadan! We wish you a peaceful and blessed Ramadan filled with compassion, forgiveness, and spiritual development!

We are well aware that this month is a special time for all Muslims. It is a period of fasting and praying. People give up bad habits and show gratitude towards all. We are always ready to support you during this holy month and provide you with the best services in the forex market.

During Ramadan, Muslims strive to become a better version of themselves and make positive changes in their lives. We believe that you will achieve all your goals this month.

May Ramadan bring you peace, well-being, and prosperity! We hope that you will use this month for self-improvement, learning new things, and making your family bond stronger.

We also remind our clients that during Ramadan we will continue to provide our support and the best services on Forex. Our team of experienced and qualified specialists is always ready to help our customers in solving any issues.

InstaForex congratulates you once again on the beginning of Ramadan! May this month bring you harmony, prosperity, and peace!

Best wishes, InstaForex Team

Market holiday schedule for March 2023 Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours

March could be considered the busiest month for the financial markets. Trading in major currency pairs would only be affected by a single holiday, Vernal Equinox Day in Japan. Notably, March 2023 has the lowest number of non-trading days - eight, or four regular weekends.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed on Tuesday, March 21. As a result, trading in #N225 (Nikkei 225) will be unavailable on that day.

March is a month of almost uninterrupted trading. Like in 2022, this month may offer a lot of economic events and news. Their impact may lead to increased volatility in the forex market, resulting in currency pairs making much bigger swings. The market will not stand still, and this period of turbulence could be a perfect opportunity for traders to make sizeable gains and get valuable experience.

InstaForex makes your dreams come true! It´s time to treat yourself! Start this spring on a positive note!

International Women´s Day is a global day celebrating women's achievements in the fight for their rights. Apart from this, it has also become a much-loved spring holiday to cheer beauty and love, share positive emotions and gifts. InstaForex team also wants to do something nice and special on this occasion. To celebrate Women´s Day, we are launching the Chancy Deposit campaign.

Everyone can join it. All you need to do is replenish your trading account and get a chance to win $8,000!

It´s time to treat yourself! Start this spring on a positive note!


You deserve all the flowers in the world... Congratulations to all ladies on March 8th!

International Women's Day falls at the beginning of spring, a season of rebirth and blooming flowers. Tired of winter chill, we all need warmth - the warmth of your smiles, inspiration, and kindness.

So shine and delight us with your smile, dear women!

We wish you wonderful days full of joyful events, beautiful words, love, and sincerity.

May your life be filled with everything that makes you truly happy - inspiration, satisfaction from your favorite things, loved ones nearby, health, and well-being! Keep smiling and stay the same radiant women, true standards of beauty and charm. Let your success be a source of inspiration for your family and friends.

Today and always!

InstaForex Team

´Market holiday schedule for February 2023 Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours

In addition to being the shortest month of the year, February is not rich in holidays and weekends, which allows traders to work almost non-stop. Besides, markets become more active following January's lull.

Changes in trading hours will affect only the largest stock exchanges in the US, Canada, and Japan.

Their equity markets will be closed for trading in observance of national holidays.

As for foreign exchange markets, there will be no holiday breaks in February except for regular weekends.


US Presidents Day - the NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchanges are closed. CME trading is available until 9 PM (GMT+3).

#NDX (NASDAQ-100) is unavailable

Family Day in Canada - the Toronto Stock Exchange is closed


Emperor's Birthday in Japan - the Tokyo Stock Exchange is closed

#N225(Nikkei 225) is unavailable

Happy Valentine´s Day! Feel this festive atmosphere and spend this day with your beloved ones

Dear Friends!

It is February 14, which means that many countries around the globe celebrate St. Valentine's Day, one of the most wonderful and enjoyable holidays. Feel this festive atmosphere and spend this day with your beloved ones.

Love is what makes us reach new heights. It gives us wings and inspires us to become better. We wish you to always have this feeling. Love and be loved! Be romantic, let your beloved ones feel happy with no special reason, be tender and careful towards them.

Let your heart be filled with happiness and let your eyes sparkle. Carpe diem! Value your happiness and enjoy every moment! Love your life, and this love will be mutual!

With love from InstaForex.

´You cannot miss this news! We are pleased to announce the start of registration for one of our most popular contests, Great

We are pleased to announce the start of registration for one of our most popular contests, Great Race. This is a unique opportunity to get real money as a deposit by trading in a demo account. The more successful your trading is, the closer to victory you are!

Hurry up to register so as not to miss a chance to become the owner of a cash prize! Here is the registration link.

The contest, which consists of four steps and the final, will run throughout the year. After registration, each participant will receive a demo account with a starting $100,000. The new stage implies a new deposit.

While trading, contestants can use any strategies and expert advisors, take advantage of the 1:500 leverage, and open positions with a trade size from 0.01 to 10 lots.

Participants with the biggest deposits at the end of each step will be the winners. The champion of the final stage will receive $6,000. The total prize fund of the Great Race contest amounts to $55,000! Cash rewards will be distributed among the most successful traders and credited to their live trading accounts.

Grab a chance to test your trading skills and win real money as a deposit!


Grand Choice from InstaForex We´ve launched a new campaign and you are to decide which prize to win a premium car or $200,000

Registration for Grand Choice from InstaForex has begun. Take part in the big campaign with fabulous prizes.

Do not miss your chance to win an amazing car or a solid cash prize.

The campaign will last until December 12, 2025. All you need to do before the date comes is to top up your live trading account with $1,000 and register. For InstaForex Club members the deposit is half the amount just $500.

With Grand Choice from InstaForex, all your most daring plans will come alive as you can only dream of such cars.

Lamborghini Urus: the world's fastest crossover Porsche Cayenne GTS: a powerful SUV with a sporty set-up Tesla Model S Plaid: the most popular electric car Mercedes-Benz G-Class: comfortable and stylish SUV Maserati Levante: the luxury car manufacturer´s first-ever SUV

The winner will get an opportunity to take home one of the premium cars or receive a $200,000 cash prize to the trading account!

The premium number, fixed on December 12, 2025, will determine the lucky account number.

Participate in the Grand Choice from InstaForex campaign and change your life for the better!


Stylish and roomy sedan Hyundai Sonata could become yours! Do you live in Nigeria and are you one of our clients?

Do you live in Nigeria and are you one of our clients? If so, this contest was organized for you. The rules are really simple.

Just deposit at least $500 and register for the contest. Those who have an InstaForex Club card should top up their accounts by only $250.

Do not waste time and register by clicking the link.

The contest will last until December 15, 2023. On that day, a Hyundai number will be generated. It will help to determine a winner of a new car.

Take a step toward your dream! Hyundai Sonata chooses the most ambitious!


Ales Loprais has to drop out of Dakar Rally 2023 Let´s recall momentous scenes of the rally and enjoy the success at the

nstaForex Loprais Team with Ales Loprais at the helm secured the top tank in the truck category at stage 9. Still, they had to withdraw from the Dakar Rally 2023. After the accident, the racer decided to leave the tournament.

Despite the withdrawal, Ales and his crew managed to achieve strong results at each of the interim stages and took the lead in the overall standings until the end.

Let´s recall momentous scenes of the rally and enjoy the success at the stages

On New Year´s Eve, the 45th edition of the famous Dakar Rally opened with the 13-kilometer-long Prologue which stretched along the Red Sea coast. InstaForex Loprais Team met the challenge easily. Sadly, Praga V4S DKR was not able to grab a well-deserved rank in the top 5.

For a start, Ales Loprais, Jaroslav Valtr jr., and Petr Pokora were ranked 6th from 55 in the truck category. They lost by 0.7 second to Dutch racer Victor Versteijnen who took 5th place.

At stage 1 of the Dakar Rally 2023, Praga V4S DKR #508 coped well with all difficulties of the terrain. At high speed, the crew caught up with racing cars and buggies. Eventually, the team notched the second best result of the day. Ales Loprais, Jaroslav Valtr jr., and Petr Pokora moved up 4 ranks and stood at the second rank in the overall ranking, only 5 minutes behind the leader Martin Macik.

"The first stage was surprisingly tough. Our starting position was not exactly perfect. From the very beginning, we had to deal with dust from buggies and cars," Ales Loprais said.

Ales Loprais and his team did a great job with another rocky route and after two stages they took the lead in the truck category.

Ales and his crew overcame the following stages with confidence despite all sorts of natural and technical challenges.

Harsh weather conditions, complicated terrain, tire punctures, and penalties did not prevent them from being the leaders of the race.

The ninth stage was final for the Loprais team, but not the final one for all the other participants of the rally. The red and black truck Praga V4S DKR No. 508 got stuck in a flooded and muddy wadi for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, InstaForex Loprais team managed to break away from other trucks, finishing the ninth stage in fourth place and increasing their final lead in the truck category to almost 27 minutes.

InstaForex has supported the team for many years. During this time, we have gone through troubles a few times that we successfully solved together.

We believe that further editions of the famous rally will go without tragic accidents and the crew will again display their stunning performance.

Let´s wish Ales and his crew to recover from the shocking event and move on with renewed energy!

Important notice for crypto traders We would like to notify you of the upcoming changes in the cryptocurrency symbols

Important notice for crypto traders

As part of improving trading conditions and streamlining the Company's services, we would like to notify you of the upcoming changes in the cryptocurrency symbols. The names of the crypto instruments will be changed on January 22, 2023, between 03 a.m. and 08 a.m. server time.

The instruments will be renamed as follows:

Old name New name #Bitcoin
#Ethereum ETHUSD.futu #Litecoin LTCUSD.futu #Ripple XRPUSD.futu BCHUSD BCHUSD.futu Uniswap UNIUSD.futu Chainlink LNKUSD.futu Filecoin FILUSD.futu Polkadot DOTUSD.futu Doge DOGUSD.futu Cardano ADAUSD.futu Solana SOLUSD.futu

During technical arrangements to rename the instruments, you will not be able to trade them. Please consider this information and plan your trading activity accordingly.

New year brings new exciting opportunities! InstaForex gives $10,000 to winner of Chancy Deposit contest!

The InstaForex team has launched your favorite campaign ´ Chancy Deposit!

We are officially extending the season of New Year's Eve gifts for January 2023 so that you can kick off the year with gains! Unprecedented gains! In January, you will have a chance of winning a five-figure sum of money!

Take advantage of this unique offer to get $10,000 into your trading account!

Register for the Chancy Deposit campaign and be the one to start 2023 with an extra $10,000!

We care about our clients and believe that the New Year will bring you new financial opportunities. Stay with us, participate in the campaign, and boost your income with InstaForex!


InstaForex 2022: how to notch up success and joint victories despite global upheavals InstaForex team offers all clients,

The New Year is just around the corner. It means the right time to sum up the results and pay tribute to the turbulent 2022 year. Before you top up your glasses with champagne and unpack your gifts, let´s recall what exactly we have achieved together!

The InstaForex team certainly knows the answer, so take your time to read this material till the end. We warn you that the article could fill you with pride, joy, and a festive mood. Therefore, if you read the article at your workplace, be aware that your boss will spot your radiant smile and your colleagues will wonder about your high spirits.


Anyone has an urge to slam the outgoing 2022. Nevertheless, it has proven that every cloud has a silver lining, but it is much more rewarding to shine ourselves.

People had to deal with a slew of tough challenges and jolts. We are not going to remind you of all the dramatic events and news which caused wild volatility of trading instruments and put a great strain on traders´ nerves. We want to point out that the InstaForex team has been progressing with you, won awards, given away gifts, and reached new goals!

Achievement No 1: we become more convenient and better for you

You have guessed right. We mean a complete overhaul of the InstaForex mobile app for Android and iOS. Now you can enjoy superb interface´s design and convenient novelties. On top of that, we share the most valuable asset with you: the knowledge of our experts.

In the upgraded version, there is the economic calendar, trading signals, technical patterns, and a variety of analytical tools such as fundamental and technical analytical articles, video reviews, tips for beginners, a newsfeed, and recommendations. InstaForex gladly shares all its experience and expertise with traders so that everyone can raise profits and trade hassle-free.

Indeed, we have cemented the ties with our clients, at least with 1 million traders! More than 1 million users have downloaded the FX.CO mobile app from Play Market this year! Forex Portal is now ranked among the top 10 forex apps! We are grateful to every user for this choice, trust, and such a high assessment of the team´s work.

Achievement No 2: success of our clients

This point is second on the list because InstaForex plays the role of secondary importance here. We do not want to credit your victories to our involvement. We are certainly aware that our clients are our heroes.

In 2022, InstaForex traders enjoyed well-deserved success and celebrated a lot of wins. A plethora of contests held by the company nurtured new trading stars and, above all else, made our winners wealthier.

In 2022, InstaForex allocated more than $500,000 for the annual prize pool!

The InstaForex team wants to thank everyone! We truly appreciate your active participation in our contests and prize draws, your judgement, your recommendations to friends, and your cooperation with us which make us better.

Achievement No 3: new awards

The InstaForex team has done a good job and made progress. We have complemented our achievements with new titles and awards

1. Best Broker-2022. InstaForex won the International Investor Award from International Investor Magazine, the reputable British periodical that covers high-impact events related to the economy and finance.

2. Best Broker of Latin America. This title was awarded by the well-known International Business Magazine based in Dubai (the United Arab Emirates).

3. Best Affiliate Program-2022. Global Brand Awards 2022, the annual worldwide rating of financial institutions by the British Global Brands Magazine, brought InstaForex this title.

Achievements of our partners

In 2022, InstaForex extended its partnership with its big-name partners. The banner with the InstaForex logo was again waving at pedestals of various tournaments, confirming that our team of champions never gives up in the face of troubles. Teamed up with InstaForex, stars of the Dakar rally raid, ice hockey, and chess established new goals and notched up victories.

Four members of the HKM Zvolen, where InstaForex has acted as a general sponsor for 9 years, won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games.

InstaForex brand ambassador Viswanathan Anand grabbed a silver medal at the second stage of the Grand Chess Tour series. Apart from the overall ranking, Anand ensured an outstanding victory in Superbet Rapid & Blitz games.

InstaForex Loprais Praga aroused a flood of emotions among its fans at the Dakar Rally 2022. Though the team headed by Ales Loprais did not finish the race at the pedestal, everyone witnessed their remarkable, fair, and dedicated performance. The small yet close-knit team met the tough challenge. We believe that InstaForex Loprais team is sure to win the Dakar Rally in the new year.

Last but not least, the traditional Miss InstaForex beauty contest ended with a bunch of adorable winners. They outpaced more than a hundred of participants from dozens of cities and new countries and shared the contest prize pool of $45,000. Gazing at Miss InstaForex, the famous phrase "Beauty will save the world" first comes to mind. One thing is certain that beauty will definitely bring harmony, grace, and charm to the world.

InstaForex is proud to get involved in a new charity project, Thinking Huts. This is a nonprofit organization which demolishes barriers to education around the world by introducing a groundbreaking approach of 3D printed schools. In tandem with Thinking Huts, InstaForex makes its contribution to the future with free access to quality education where it is most needed.


So, you have read it and we must have convinced you that despite simmering jitters, there is always an opportunity for personal growth, development, earnings, achievements, benevolence, and beauty.

All we can do now is wish you a happy 2023 year and invite you to spend it with InstaForex, the team of achievers! May your life in 2023 be always accompanied with success and may it be full of pleasant surprises! Once again, thank you for being with us in 2022! Let´s conquer new peaks together in 2023!

Trading schedule for December 2022 and January 2023 We´d like to inform you that due to public holidays, there will be changes

The month of December is an extremely remarkable and, of course, interesting time in financial markets. First, the second half of December includes Christmas and New Year, the main holidays of the year. Second, many retail traders lock in profits and close positions during this period, which in turn makes adjustments in prices. Corporations and hedge funds also close large positions on Forex to pay dividends and evaluate their yearly financial results.

However, we are more interested in events that happen regardless of how market participants behave, and that is holidays.

Of course, holidays begin with Christmas. This year, traders are lucky as both December 24 (Christmas Eve) and December 25 (Christmas) are on the weekend anyway. However, a break from trading in the forex and stock markets will still last longer than usual, namely three days. On Monday, December 26, financial markets will be closed. Meanwhile, positions opened on Friday, December 23, will be transferred to December 26.

If you are interested in the spot trading of local securities and instruments, you should remember that:

December 23, 2022

Australian Stock Exchange closing time: 14:30 Christmas Holiday half day

London Stock Exchange closing time: 12:30 Christmas Holiday half day

New Zealand Stock Exchange closing time: 12:45 Christmas Holiday half day

December 27, 2022

Australian Stock Exchange closed Christmas Day (substitute day)

London Stock Exchange closed Christmas Day (substitute day)

Toronto Stock Exchange closed Christmas Day (substitute day)

New Zealand Stock Exchange closed Christmas Day (substitute day)

December 30, 2022

Australian Stock Exchange closing time: 14:30 New Year Holiday half day

London Stock Exchange closing time: 14:30 New Year Holiday half day

New Zealand Stock Exchange closing time: 14:45 New Year Holiday half day

December 31, 2022

Tokyo Stock Exchange closed New Year

January is traditionally the month of a lull in financial markets, and holidays are not entirely the reason for that. The thing is that private and institutional investors both lock in profits at the end of the year. January is essentially a month that marks the beginning of a new trading cycle. So, trading in markets only starts gaining momentum. This is when it is easier to stand out with uncommon trades and unusual trading decisions. January is also a month when traders start using new instruments and following fresh strategies.

When it comes to holidays in the forex market, there will be little time to rest in January 2023. Indeed, January 1 is Sunday. Meanwhile, on January 2, all global stock and currency exchanges will be closed. However, on January 3, they will already work according to their regular schedule.

January 1, 2023

All exchanges closed New Year

January 2, 2023

All exchanges closed New Year

January 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

USDX trading closes at 18:00 GMT

XAUUSD, XAGUSD - trading closes at 18:00 GMT

CFDs on US stocks trading is closed all day

Making education accessible worldwide with Thinking Huts Together with Thinking Huts, we want to do our part in building

More than 250 million children around the world do not have access to education due to overpopulation or the lack of schools. At InstaForex, we understand the importance of education and how vital it is for a child to choose and create their own future. We have partnered with Thinking Huts to extend access to education and to give more opportunities to younger generations.

Thinking Huts is a non-profit organization that creates innovative humanitarian technology solutions in partnership with local communities to bridge the gap in educational opportunities worldwide. Building a school using traditional construction methods can take months or even years. With 3D printing, the process can be reduced to just a few weeks.

Together with Thinking Huts, we want to do our part in building a future in which quality education is available where it is needed the most. On April 14, 2022, the first 3D-printed school was opened in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, in partnership with the Ecole de Management et d'Innovation Technologique (EMIT). Now, it has 2,500 students.

We are delighted to contribute to this development and hope that more schools will soon open in the most remote corners of the world. Together, we can build a future in which education is paramount!

InstaForex Loprais Team heads to new victories We have great news for those rooting for InstaForex Loprais Team

This autumn, InstaForex Loprais Team surprised the fans of the Dakar Rally with good news. The team added two legendary Tatra vehicles to its truck fleet. Apart from that, its PRAGA V4S DKR truck has been included on the list of available trucks in the most anticipated video game - Dakar Desert Rally.

The cooperation between InstaForex, the international fintech company, and Loprais Team began more than 10 years ago. InstaForex Loprais Team made a splash in 2011, winning the prestigious Silk Way Rally competition. Since then, the team has struck lots of victories. Together we remain determined to win more races and receive new trophies.

Since 2012, InstaForex Loprais Team, led by experienced Czech pilot Ales Loprais, has been annually participating in the Dakar Rally, a multi-day marathon. This race is considered to be the biggest and the toughest one on the planet. InstaForex Loprais Team has been steadily showing stunning results since that year.

Ales Loprais is a multiple winner of many rally raids as well as an excellent team leader. He continued the family tradition and became a racer. His uncle, well-known pilot Karel Loprais, won grueling and rough Dakar races 6 times.

Karel Loprais passed away last year. InstaForex Loprais Team decided to honor his memory by restoring 2 legendary trucks - Tatra Puma and Tatra T815 HAS. Karel Loprais won many races behind the wheel of those powerful trucks. Quite soon they will again take part in the Dakar races.

If you like playing video games, you have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a part of InstaForex Loprais Team. In early October, the long-awaited Dakar Desert Rally game was officially released. According to the developers, the video game turned out to be the biggest and most epic off-road rally racing adventure ever made. Dakar Desert Rally features a virtual version of Praga V4S DKR, the truck of Ales Loprais.

Interestingly, the Praga V4S DKR truck is a 1,150-horsepower beast that has been on the list of available trucks in the Dakar games since 2020. Game players will appreciate the strong engine of the truck when navigating the sweltering sands and dangerous dunes in the Arabian desert, especially under the most severe weather conditions.

Currently, the team is studiously preparing Praga V4S DKR for the new Dakar Rally season, which is scheduled for January 2023. Similar to previous rallies, this one is likely to bring more tough challenges.

There is not much time left before the start of the Dakar Rally. We are confident that InstaForex Loprais Team will demonstrate remarkable results with our strong support once again. InstaForex is a company that represents success and a strong commitment to victory.

InstaForex recognized as Best Broker in Latin America The company's collection of awards has been enriched by one more trophy!

International Business Magazine, an authoritative business publication based in Dubai (UAE), has summed up the results of its annual award ceremony to honor the best international financial companies.

It is a great honor for us to be among the winners of this prestigious award. We are especially pleased to win a nomination that is new for us. InstaForex was recognized as the Best Forex Broker 2022 in Latin America.

Our company is constantly expanding its presence in global financial markets. InstaForex has long been a leader in online trading across Asia. Every year, we receive awards from European experts. Now we have been highly appreciated by ones from the other side of the ocean.

While broadening its horizons, InstaForex keeps providing its clients with top-quality products and services. We value the trust of traders and always strive to live up to it.

InstaForex trading platform is now available for Apple devices! A new mobile version of the InstaForex trading platform is

Owners of Android devices have already appreciated all the advantages of a new version of our mobile trading platform. Now, users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac can also benefit from it. Let us present an updated app "InstaForex: Markets and Trade" for iOS and MAC on M1 and M2 processors to you.

The latest version of the trading platform beloved by many traders turned out to be more functional than the previous one. Users of Apple devices can partially close and edit orders. We have also added an economic calendar, trading signals, and patterns of technical analysis to the fresh version of the app.

Another advantage of the new app version is wider analytical functions. In the app, you can find fundamental and technical analysis, video reviews, analytical articles for beginning traders, an overview of the company´s financial indicators, and many other things. You will get fresh and the most relevant financial news, which will make your trading even more profitable.

What is more, you will have a chance to improve your trading strategy by getting recommendations from our professional analysts, which will regularly appear in the app.

An improved design of the interface is the cherry on the pie. We did our best to make this version more user-friendly.

You can appreciate this by yourself. Follow the link to download the updated app already available in the App Store.


Trading schedule for November 2022 November is generally considered a comfortable period for trading in the financial markets

November is generally considered a comfortable period for trading in the financial markets. There will be practically no long public holidays in the countries whose national currencies and stock exchanges exert influence on the global economy.

Only on November 24 and November 25, Americans will celebrate one of the most important holidays, Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday, November 24, all US stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, will be closed. Moreover, the next day, November 25, US stock markets will have a shorter working day until 1:00 pm EST (UTC -5).

Therefore, all trading instruments and stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange will be unavailable for trading on November 24 and November 25 after 1:00 pm.

As for the foreign exchange market, all US dollar transactions will be fully available on Thursday, November 24.

Days and trading instruments not available for trading are given below:

November 24, 2022 (all day):

The major index and all stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ

November 25, 2022 (from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm):

The major index and all stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ

Legendary Porsche now available to invest in! The luxuries, speed, traditions, and financial triumph of Porsche can turn

The luxuries, speed, traditions, and financial triumph of Porsche can turn into part of your success. On September 29, the largest IPO by market capitalization took place in Europe. The IPO has become the second-largest listing in Germany and the record one since 1996. Porsche went public, and thanks to InstaForex, you can join the Porsche family.

After years of a lull in the European market, Volkswagen held its IPO worth €75 billion. "P911" is the new Porsche symbol, and it may become your lucky number.

About company

Porsche AG offers six basic cars, many of which have modifications. These are the 718 and 911 sports cars, the Taycan electric sports car, the luxurious Panamera, and the Macan and Cayenne SUVs.

Porsche produced more than 300,000 cars in 2021, a new record for the company. Porsche AG is one of the most successful brands in the Volkswagen Group:

in 2021, the brand generated 12% of the company's total revenue and 26% of its operating profitthe company earned more than €33 billion in sales and €4 billion in pre-tax profits last yearPorsche has increased sales and profits for at least three years in a rowDuring 2022, Porsche expects an operating margin on sales of 17% to 18% up to €38-€39 billion. About listing

Volkswagen issued 911 million Porsche shares with 455.5 million preferred shares and 455.5 million common shares.

On September 29, about 25% of the preferred shares were listed in the IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "P911," German securities code (WKN) "PAG911," and ISIN code "DE000PAG9113."

You don't have to remember these numbers because InstaForex team has already taken care of making it easy for you to trade top trading instruments, including Porsche.

The owner of Volkswagen expects to raise €9.4 billion by selling 12.5% of the company's shares to external investors without voting rights.

Porsche pursues ambitious economic, ecological, and social goals. Porsche wants to grow with its luxury products and services and take on social responsibility. The company is confident that by 2030, it can become the flagship manufacturer of electric cars.

Markets admire good cars and ambitious projects. For example, since its IPO in 2015, Ferrari stock, which launched at €43, has more than quadrupled to today's price of €195. Despite current market conditions, Porshe aims to overtake and outperform its competitors. This is a bold step for the company as it strives to reach new milestones.

If you have been looking for this kind of company to invest in, welcome to the winning team. InstaForex team already offers the new trading instrument. Achieve financial success with us and gain profits with Porsche.

Merge marks green era for Ethereum. Join at start to earn yields in future Be the pioneer of progressive change together

The Ethereum Merge is called a revolution in the crypto world. Be the pioneer of progressive change together with InstaForex.

After the shift from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), the Ethereum blockchain became faster, greener, and safer.

New changes:

Nods are now selected based on the total amount of ETH invested. So, stakers or validators, as they are now called, no longer have to solve cryptogram puzzles to validate new blocks. Instead, they must have at least 32 ETH in the pool. ETH tokens are used as lottery tickets: the more ether validators stake, the more likely it is that one of their tickets will be drawn and they will add a record of a transaction to the Ethereum digital ledger. Since cryptogram puzzles will no longer be part of the system, energy costs will drop by as much as 99.65%. In terms of power consumption, running POS is like running Google Chrome or Netflix. Attackers would now need 51% of the staked ETH to bypass the system. The more ETH tokens are staked, the more secure the network becomes, as the value of the system´s 51% capital increases. What is more, hackers can now be correctly identified and kicked out of the system. Generally speaking, Ethereum has become green, scalable, secure, and sustainable. Register an account with InstaForex and start trading cryptocurrencies right now.

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