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To get the official status of Introducing Broker

InstaForex Company offers both entities and individuals to get the official status of Introducing Broker in their region. Introducing Broker is an individual or entity which looks for and attracts new clients as well as represents InstaForex company interests in the region.

If you have your own website dedicated to Forex and every month you attract many active clients who replenish their accounts and trade much, you automatically become a candidate for participating in the InstaForex partnership program - "Introducing Broker"

The main duties of IB are as follows:

  • Advertising campaign for attracting clients.
  • Consulting clients about the structure and characteristics of working at the currency Forex market.
  • Assisting clients in registration and opening accounts.
  • Comprehensive consulting support for clients who earlier opened accounts with tactics and strategies on Forex.
  • A large number of successfully operating clients formed with an aim of providing them with accounts of potential investors within the framework of trust or consulting management.
  • Conducting a full range of marketing campaigns offered by the company in order to contribute to further development.

Reward for Introducing Broker:

The Company´s profit depends on spread. It is a commission which the company charges off from the account at the moment of opening a position; 50% of spread is the income of IB from each deal of the client attracted. At the moment InstaForex spread for all the currency pairs is 3 pips, so the commission for IB is 1.5 pips.

Franchisee Partner  the one who is fully assisted by Franchisor, granting the right to distribute its products, techniques, and trademarks and provide support services; and takes upon himself/herself current expenses related to widening the Insta Trade Corporation offices network. InstaForex Franchisor grants the right of using its trademark, business technologies and support franchisee?s work.

Becoming a Franchisee Partner, you become a branch office of Insta Trade Corporation in a certain area. You do your business according to the well-known and reliable rules. You observe some obligatory standards accepted within our Company and take part in making profit on the pre-agreed terms.

The obligatory conditions of the Franchisee Partner Program are:

  • Upkeeping a comfortable office;
  • Competent management personnelа;
  • Implementing the necessary advertising support;
  • Consulting potential clients of the Company;
  • Information and technical support for the clients while their professional activity;
  • Availability of the system accounting and reporting for the Headquarter office;
  • Detecting and correcting potential strategic mistakes;
  • Strategy of the future franchisee economic growth.

The basic paper bonding Franchisee and Franchisor is Commercial Partnership.

Agreement. Our franchising package includes the following provisions:

  • Clearing, information and technical support for customers attracted;
  • Beneficial system of participating in the Company's profit and assistance in developing your own profit resources;
  • Documentary and bookkeeping support observing the legislation of the country which Company?s representative situated in, if necessary;
  • Business plan the comprehensive concept of effective dealing center formation and development, consulting support;
  • Design attributes and the right to use the brand and name of our Company;
  • System of personnel training;
  • Detailed Contract;
  • Guarantee of support and consulting after starting business.

Moreover, Insta Trade Corporation offers our partners "VIP partnership program". The main condition for participating is owning a substantial website frequently attended. The measure of your activity is not only the quantity of attracted clients but also their trading activity. Another important condition for participating in VIP partnership program is the total amount deposited by your clients.

If you suppose you satisfy all the requirements, you can fill in the form for participating in VIP partnership program.

If you have any question regarding our partnership programme, do not hesitate to contact the Partnership Department of Insta Trade Corporation.


ICQ: 431784312

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