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Financial questions

What methods of deposit and withdrawal are available in InstaForex?
You can replenish your account by means of WebMoney, RBKMoney, Qiwi, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Recunix, EuroGoldCash (USD), Visa cards, wire transfer and by cash via our regional dealers. Withdrawal is possible by means of the same method which you used when replenished your account.

Does the company charge any commission for replenishment or withdrawal?
The company does not charge any commission, however, you should take into consideration that commission will be deducted from the transferred amount by a payment system as well as by bank for wire transfer.

How long is the process of trading account replenishment?
It depends on the payment method you choose. Deposit via Webmoney, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, RBKMoney and Global Digital Pay is processed immediately; via Qiwi 15 min, YandexMoney 3 hours, EuroGoldCash (USD) within 1-7 hours, via MoneyBookers, AlertPay and Visa cards it may take up to 24 hours. Funding process via our dealers takes 1-4 hours. The replenishment by means of wire transfer takes 2-4 days.

How long is the process funds withdrawal from a trading account?
Withdrawal via Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and other electronic payment systems takes 1-7 hours, Yandex.Money up to 36 working hours, Moneybookers and Qiwi up to 48 hours. Withdrawal by means of wire transfer takes 2-4 days. Withdrawal to Visa card takes 1-6 business days.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?
There are no limits for withdrawing. You can always get any amount from your trading account, exclusive of credit cards which limits the amount from $500 to $2500. Please pay attention to the bank commission using bank wire for withdrawal. It can reach $30.

What is the minimum amount of deposit?
Minimum sum for deposit via electronic payment system is 1 USD, via credit card it amounts to 50 USD, via wire transfer - 300 USD.

What actions should I take in case withdrawal using the same payment system and details which were used for deposit is impossible, for example, in case access to the former account is lost?
In order to change details within one payment system it is necessary to fill in the F1 form and send it together with the scan copy of ID to
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Questions on Trading Terms

Why does InstaForex use 10000 lot size instead of standard 100000?
InstaForex Company allows to trade on Forex using three types of account within one account: MicroForex, Mini Forex and Standard Forex. Abnormal 10000 lot size was implemented in order to make it possible. Deal of 0.01 lot gives a pip value equaling $0.01 which allows 5000-10000 account holders to control their risks. At the same time, this lot size makes pip value calculations much easier.

Have a look at the data presented below:
Deal of 0.01 InstaForex lot = One pip value - 0.01 USD
Deal of 0.1 InstaForex lot = One pip value 0.1 USD
Deal of 1 InstaForex lot = One pip value 1 USD
Deal of 10 InstaForex lots = One pip value 10 USD
Deal of 100 InstaForex lots = One pip value 100 USD
Deal of 1000 InstaForex lots = One pip value 1000 USD

Convenience of calculations and possibility to unite three levels of Forex trading makes InstaForex lots undeniable advantage of the company´s trading conditions.

What are the trading servers IPs?
Real accounts
Server in the USA: (choose in the list of servers, or type in InstaTrader settings -
Server in Singapore (for trading accounts which numbers are 70XXXXX): or (choose in the list of servers or type in InstaTrader settings -
(in case of problems with connection may be used as alternative IP address.)
Server for the Cent accounts (for trading accounts which numbers are 30XXXXX): or
Server in Europe (for trading accounts which numbers are 50XXXXX): or

Demo accounts
DEMO-server: or (for trading accounts which numbers are 80XXXXX). or (for all other accounts choose in the list of servers in InstaTrader -

What is a leverage?
Leverage is a ratio of the margin amount relatively to the required security deposit: 1:100, 1:200, 1:1000. Leverage 1:100 means that for opening a deal you should have the amount which is 100 times less than the sum of a deal. InstaForex Company offers a leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000.

Why can´t I see all symbols at the Market Watch?
The symbols you see are associated with your terminal subscription. In order to extend the quotation list please right click on the Market Watch and select "Show all symbols."

Can spreads be increased during the news time?
InstaForex never increases spreads during news events. A trader can be confident that trading terms will remain steady even during news events.

May I turn to advisors? Are there any restrictions?
There are no restrictions in advisor usage.

Is it possible for a trader to owe any money to the company?
No, this is impossible. If a trader loses while trading more than he/she has on the trading account the Company is obliged to restore it to 0.

Is there any difference between demo and live trading?
There are no differences in conditions and trading tool specifications. Trading on Demo accounts is identical to trading on live accounts except that there are no deposit or withdrawal options on Demo accounts.

What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit is 1USD, which allows opening deals on any instrument.

Why do EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF currency pairs have floating spread?
Floating spread is a generally accepted trading instrument used by the first-rate international brokers. EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF are the only currency pairs which have floating spread. It means that from 19:00 GMT+00 till 08:00 GMT+00 spread can be increased up to 5 pips every day. Spread is a broker's fee for transaction, and it is defined by the market conditions which the company works in. In connection with increasing spreads of our contractor spread of the currency pairs EUR/GBP and EUR/CH were transferred to the floating condition. However, during the daytime (after 08:00 GMT+00) spreads for this currency pairs are the same and amount to 3 pips.

How to calculate the amount of margin?
The amount of margin depends on a deal volume divided by the leverage rate. A deal volume in US dollars equals $10000 multiplied by the number of lots and by the base currency rate versus dollar, divided by the leverage. Base currency is the first currency quoted in a currency pair. For example, for EURUSD it´s the euro (respectively, currency rate versus the dollar equals EURUSD exchange rate), for USDCAD it´s the CAD (currency rate versus the dollar equals 1 as USD/USD = 1), for GBPJPY it´s the British pound (currency rate versus the dollar equals GBPUSD rate). Therefore, given the GBPUSD exchange rate of 1.4956, for a deal on GBPUSD of 2 lots with the leverage level equaling 1:100 the margin can be calculated by the following formula: 10000*2 GBPUSD / 100 = 299.12 USD. As to a deal on USDJPY of 3,5-lot volume at a 1:500 leverage the margin will constitute 10000 * 3.5 * 1 / 500 = 70 USD. For the convenience of our clients we placed the Forex Calculator on our website.

Please give me the link for the Welcome Bonus receipt.
Here you can choose the type of desired bonus and request it´s crediting.

Do you have micro and mini accounts?
Yes, we do. However, trading with InstaForex is carried out with micro and mini lots. It means that you can trade 0.01 lot in InstaForex which equals micro account.

How can I change my leverage?
You can change the leverage of your account in the Client Cabinet or in the settings of InstaTrader platform. In case you do not have an opportunity to change it on your own, you can contact the Support Service via Live Chat, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ and performing the account number and phone password request the change of leverage.

I forgot my trader password or PIN code (or I want to change my trader password or PIN code). How can I do it?
One can change the trader password in the Client Cabinet or in the settings of InstaTrader platform. In order to change the trader password it is only necessary to contact the Support Service via the most convenient mean of communication and provide the account number and phone password. You can also provide new trader password (Latin characters and figures, 6-12 symbols). If you forgot or you want to change the phone password, please e-mail to or, attach the scan copy of ID, provide the trading account number and describe the situation. For PIN code change please send an e-mail to or and include the following information: trading account number, phone password, scan of your ID, and new PIN code. Make sure you send an e-mail from the e-mail address you entered while registration.

May I open several trading accounts under the same name?
Yes, you may. There are no limits for opening real and demo accounts under the same name.

Can I trade only 8 lots maximum in InstaTrader?
No, you can type any number of lots manually (up to 10000).

Partnership program questions

What is my reward for becoming a partner?
You get 1.5 pips per a deal. This is a standard scheme all over the world.

How can I attract customers?
After an affiliate account is opened (trading is also available) you can attract customers by sending them an affiliate link following which they will be registered under you. You can also spread information among your friends. In this case you have to provide them your affiliate code which they should enter in the account registration form. Or you can record their names and account numbers and send them to along with your affiliate account number. Detailed information on the partnership program is available in the special partner´s section of the website.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawing the partnership commission?
No, there are no restrictions.

Are there any requirements for participating in the partnership program?
There are no specific requirements. You can attract customers by spreading information among your friends, as well as working as an InstaForex business representative in your region.
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Questions on PAMM-system

What is the PAMM-contact information entered after the PAMM-system participation request and what is it for?
This information will be visible to your investment counterparties. If you invest money or you receive investments you automatically get the contact information from another side and inversely. It allows connect the participants of investment operations, as the Company turns out to be an intermediary from the technical point of view giving a guarantee of refund and the trader's interest, but not affecting other cooperation issues of Trader and Investor.

What account currency is required for taking part in the PAMM-system?
Presently, only the US dollar accounts can be registered in the PAMM-system by InstaForex Company. In case you do not have a dollar account you can open it in a real time mode using the company's website.

I am a PAMM-trader, I have approved an investment. What does "waiting for synchronization" status mean?
Request status "Waiting for synchronization" means that your investment will be processed at near time. The time of investment processing is fixed and it takes place once an hour.

I am a PAMM-trader, why my balance did not increase after acceptance of a new investment?
After pressing the "Accept investment" key the investment status changes to "Waiting for synchronization", it means that it is necessary to wait for a while until the investment reaches the account. In case there are other investments waiting for synchronization they will be added to the account simultaneously.

What are the guarantees that PAMM-trader will not lose my money?
InstaForex PAMM-system does not give any guarantee of making profit by a Managing Trader. It is meant for ensuring the technical coordination between Traders and Investors which includes entirely automatic monitoring of PAMM-Traders´ accounts, money acceptance and refund. Therefore, the system guarantees protection against withdrawal by a PAMM-Trader. Moreover, the system assures that you will receive your funds from the PAMM-Trader's account at short notice during 30-60 minutes after requesting (depending on time between synchronizations).

Can a PAMM-Trader withdraw my investment?
InstaForex PAMM-system protects Investors from the risk of funds withdrawal by a PAMM-Trader. PAMM-Trader can withdraw only his share of PAMM-account, which is not involved in the margin.

Can a refund request made by an Investor lead to closing of deals at stop-out level on a PAMM-Trader´s account?
If an Investor´s share on the account is over 90% and there are few of them or just one Investor there is a risk of it. But as the PAMM-system allows to accept funds from hundreds of PAMM-Investors, there is a possibility of keeping funds from hundreds of investors on one trading account, so the probability of simultaneous withdrawal is very low and inversely proportional to the number of Investors.

Can I register an affiliate account in the PAMM-system?
Affiliate account cannot be registered in the PAMM-system, but account opened by an affiliate link can be registered in the PAMM-system without any restrictions.

Where can I see the current profit which can be withdrawn from a PAMM-Trader´s account?
Choose a "PAMM-system" link in the main menu of the Client Cabinet, then click on the "My Investments" link. An investor may withdraw only the TOTAL investment amount. If you plan to withdraw funds from the PAMM-Trader´s account partly you have to invest smaller amounts in his account. It will allow to withdraw every investment separately.

Is the SMS notification service informing about new investments free?
Yes, the service is free, but it can be sent only 10 SMS maximum daily for 1 account.

Can a PAMM-Investor be a holder of an affiliate account by means of which a PAMM-Trader´s account was opened?
Presently, there are no restrictions for receiving commission from PAMM-accounts. Nevertheless, such accounts comply with the common rules of InstaForex affiliate program.

I am a PAMM-Trader, can I change the commission size obtained for managing the invested funds?
The size of the charged commission is set by you once during the registration in the PAMM-system and cannot be changed afterwards. However, you can open several PAMM-Trader accounts putting a certain reward rate for each of them.

I am a PAMM-Investor and I have sent an investment request. A PAMM-Trader has neither accepted it nor rejected. What is the validity term of a request and when will the investment amount return to my trading account?
If a PAMM-Trader is inactive after receiving a request during 72 hours - this amount will return to your PAMM-Investor´s account automatically.

Can a PAMM-Trader deactivate the PAMM-service (withdraw from the monitoring)?
If you want to register in the PAMM-system as another participant (PAMM-Investor or PAMM-Trader and inversely) you have to open a new trading account. InstaForex Company does not set any limits to the number of opened trading accounts. Soon we plan to add "Hide account in monitoring" function which allows to remove account from monitoring.

Can I invest bonus funds in a PAMM-Trader´s account?
Yes, you can, but only total amount of bonus can be invested. Presently, there is only one constraint: the bonus cannot be saved on the trading account if the total amount of deposit was invested in PAMM-Trader's account. In this case, the bonus will be cancelled.

Which personal data of a Trader is visible for PAMM-Investors?
Before making a transaction only PAMM-Trader's account number, project name, ICQ and Yahoo messenger (always) is available for PAMM-Investors in the monitoring and name and e-mail of a trader are available if he/she allowed to show them. Additional information is to be displayed after investing.

Which personal data of an Investor is visible for a PAMM-Trader?
PAMM-Trader sees the account number of the Investor and his/her phone number and e-mail address entered while registeration in the PAMM-system.

Can a PAMM-Trader account get a bonus?
Yes, PAMM-Trader can get a bonus.

May a trader register in the PAMM-system after he/she received a bonus? And what is the destiny of the bonus?
An account with bonus can be registered as a PAMM-Trader´s one. The bonus will not be cancelled and will be managed as PAMM-Trader's funds.

If an investor replenishes his/her account, receives bonus and then invests funds in the trading accounts, will the bonus be cancelled?
The Welcome Bonus will not be cancelled.

Where can an investor find the commission rate set by a trader which is charged from profit?
At the monitoring table. If investment is completed the commission rate will also be available in the "My investments" section.

How long does it take for the funds deposited by an account holder to be displayed in the monitoring of PAMM-accounts?
On average, during 2-3 hours (updating once in 3 hours) for a chart, during 5-10 minutes for a monitoring (exclusively of the chart).

Will a partner receive a commission from a PAMM-Trader´s activity if the PAMM-Trader was attracted by him/her?
Yes, a partner receives the commission according to the normal procedure.

Can a PAMM-Investor cancel his/her investment request?
No, he/she cannot. The request can be cancelled only by a PAMM-Trader. If the PAMM-Trader is inactive during 72 hours the investment will be cancelled automatically.

How the loss is divided between a trader and an investor? Proportionate to their shares participating in the trading or in accordance with the profit allocation?
The loss is divided proportionally to the investor and trader´s shares in the account. Percentage of the profit charged by the trader for funds management is not taken into account.
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General Questions

It totally depends on your experience. Currency market trading is bound to deposit loss risks. And that needs to be considered by a trader. You should evaluate your professionalism and risks. InstaForex trading terms have been created for simpler development from a beginner to a professional trader.

What do support and resistance levels mean?
Support level is a level lower than the current rate, which could possibly take an upward turn. Resistance level is a level above the current rate, which could possibly take a downward turn.

What is a trailing stop-loss?
This is a compound stop-loss order where a stop-loss price is set at a fixed rate below the market price. If the market price goes up, the stop loss price will also go up proportionally. If the market price goes down, the stop-loss price remains the same. In this way, the trader can set a limit on the maximum possible loss but not limit earnings. This means that trailing stop-loss follows the current price by X pips. Therefore trailing stop-loss is a stop-loss control procedure - "it follows the price to profit." Attention! Trailing stop-losses only work when your trading terminal is connected to the server through the Internet.

What does profit figure or price figure movement mean?
Profit figure is 100 profit pips. Price figure movement is the movement of 100 pips. Round prices are referred to as figures as well. For example: "EURUSD passes over to the seventeenth figure" means that the rate passed over the level of 1.1700.

What are the stock exchange oprating hours?
Stock exchange opens on Sunday at 23:00 (GMT+00) and closes on Friday at 23:00 (GMT+00)

How many trading servers does InstaForex Company use and what regions are they located in?
At the given moment, InstaForex trading system consists of 2 trading servers for real accounts and 1 trading server for DEMO-accounts. Two trading servers distribute a load by the system of intermediate data centers including 7 servers located all around the world. So the system of 10 servers allows every client to have solid and quick connection to the trading center. In case one of intermediate data centers is overloaded, client terminal automatically switches to less loaded data center. InstaForex trading server in the USA has 5 data centers and intended for clients all over the world, particularly, from Europe, America and Russia. Powerful technical innovations and reliable data channels provided by one of the best American providers make InstaForex trading server in the USA popular among clients from Europe and America. InstaForex trading server in Singapore ( has 2 data centers and used by company's clients from countries of Middle East and South-Asian region. Short time access to the server makes it attractive for Asian clients who appreciate the speed of trading. Two data centers managed by the leading providers of the largest Asian financial center - Singapore - distribute a load on trading server in order to guarantee maximal steady trading time for InstaForex clients. Regardless the residence of new InstaForex client, he/she can choose one of two trading servers of the company depending on his/her preferences. Every InstaForex trading server is reliable mean of managing your investments through the Internet and difference in server accessing time in different parts of the world does not exceed 0.2 second. Many clients open several accounts on both servers and get the opportunity to rate the quality of each server's work by practical experience.

Does InstaForex Company provide services of ECN-broker?
The international on-line forex broker InstaForex Company is a universal broker which offers its clients a full range of instruments and opportunities for trading on Forex, including ECN-broker services. More detailed information about ECN-broker activities is available on the proper page of the company's website.

What is account verification? Am I entitled to trade on an unverified account?
Verification means identification of the Client's personality. This procedure has been designed for safety of your account when its password or other confidential data is being restored. According to InstaForex public offer agreement, verification of the trading account is optional: not each trader who has just registered an account with InstaForex Company is subject to verification of his/her account. However, some special InstaForex offers do require verifying your trading account. Account verification procedure does not affect operating with your funds. You are welcome to verify your account anytime. In order to do it, please, visit this page and send a scanned copy of any document, identifying your personality.
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