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For Beginners

In order to become a competent participant of FOREX market, i.e. a professional trader, it is necessary to pass through inevitable stages, acquiring skills and knowledge essential for Forex trading.

Being a beginner does not mean suffering constant losses. Due to the fact that InstaForex accounts do not limit the volume of minimum lot, you can start working with any amount, thus reducing risks. The more experienced you become, the more you can expand the volume of trading operations, thus increasing risks as well as the opportunity of collecting higher profit.

3 easy steps on Forex market:

Step 1. Training on a demo account.

Every person can open a demo account in order to get acquainted with the trading terminal and test trading strategies for unlimited period of time and absolutely for free. Even if you do not know a thing about Forex market, you can open a demo account and try yourself as a trader. In spite of the fact that all operations on demo accounts are virtual and are not put on Forex, you get exactly the same conditions as on live accounts. On a demo account a trader can manage deals as if he or she were trading on a real account.

Demo account can give you practical answers to all of your questions with zero risk and an opportunity to open as many accounts as you want for free. Moreover, 24/5 support is available by ICQ, chat, telephone or e-mail.

Step 2. Trading on a live account.

Having obtained experience in working with terminal and general trading skills, you can try yourself on a real account, limiting your risks. Minimum deal volume is not limited, which allows trading in accordance with the "risk=profit" principle, when you define the volume of your investments yourself.

As serious as you might be about the demo account, trading on a real account is pretty much an irreplaceable experience. Investing real money, even little of it, makes you feel the connection between your profit and currency movements. This experience is very important for stepping to the next level of trader´s development.

Step 3. Professional work.

Having obtained the necessary knowledge, a trader is able to work independently on the currency market, using his own or borrowed trading strategies for collecting profit from currency movements. A professional trader develops his/her trading style and chooses the instruments which are more suitable for the chosen strategy.

Not all beginning traders are able to reach this level, but InstaForex Company guarantees that our team will try their best in order to help each client go forward, getting professional support if any problems arise.

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